Beyond Beauty Med Spa Coeur d'Alene is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 12 ratings.

My husband, children, and family never commented on the subtle physical change — although I sensed they observed a transformation. I can only attribute this to the easy confidence that comes with being content in one’s own skin. Thank you, Linda.

I have been seeing Linda for years and have consistently found her knowledge and skills exemplary. She is a great listener and takes the time to provide detailed explanations of procedures and associated costs in advance. Linda’s expertise provides the avenue for me to age gracefully.

I cannot thank Linda Owsley enough…really it is unbelievable what JOY she brings me and to all her clients by taking years off our faces. I honestly can say she is the very best at her profession. It never looks fake or overdone. She is an artist of the most high! Plus her generosity…well, I can’t even put it into words. Blessings are coming her way for being such a gracious, sweet person to me and everyone she comes in contact with. I am so thankful for Linda in my life.

Can I say how much I love Linda Owsley…she is an amazing artist sculpting my face to perfection! I love my cheeks, the swelling has gone down on my lips and no bruising at all.
Tammy S.

I had the vaginal rejuvenation treatment one month ago due to dryness and pain during sex, and also urinary leakage. I would say the difference is like night and day, but more accurately it’s more like life and death. My vagina feels alive again. I no longer have pain during sex, and I no longer have to wear pads for leakage. My natural moisture is back! My desire for sex is back also. Before the procedure I was indifferent to sex, but now it’s exciting again. I say run, don’t walk to have this procedure! My vagina feels 20 years younger!

The Viveve treatment has changed my life. It was simple and effective. I’ve never felt so close to my husband. Thank you, Linda!

I was worried the application would take long, I would have paid on my credit card – but it only took a few minutes and I'm so happy I can split my payments up now!

Cherry was really easy to use and super fast. I can't wait to go back and try different services now that I can split my payments!

I used this on Monday and it was great. Low down payment and low monthly. You all should try it.

Cherry was great, one of the better lending companies I’ve ever used. Making payments was a lot easier and I appreciate that Cherry was willing to work with me.

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