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Never looked injected certification training program provides a new and exciting approach to learning the aesthetic and injectable techniques that will improve your chances to grow your business organically!

With our Never Look Injected training, so you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes before you make them. We will help you dominate the field in your area.  Learn from the professionals — Cat and Linda bring a combined 40-years experience in the industry.

A Note from Linda…

Injection training is an important step in beginning a career in the growing aesthetic industry.

However, because I began injecting during this growing industry’s infancy, the majority of my skills were self taught. I have continued to grow my knowledge through continuing education and scientific research.

When I was attending plastic surgery conferences in the early 2000s, I noticed many attendees looked as if they were being practiced on. Yikes! These results were awful. It was at this time that I inherently knew that I was very good at identifying where these corrections/enhancements went wrong.

I have since made it my mission to prove that injectable results can be done with the artistry and finesse that allows for beautiful and natural results. Following these simple rules will increase your success rate and provide increased patient satisfaction. Today it has become my passion to share with you the skills that I have honed over the last 17 years.

I am excited to announce my Never Look Injected Training Program and look forward to elevating both beginning and advanced injectors to a new level.

Never Look Injected Training Program

Who is Eligible?

This educational training is open to, MD, DO, NP, and RN’s. Nursing applicants must possess an RN license and 2 years experience in the nursing field. There is no substitute for real experience to deal with the unexpected, and it is in your best interest to have that experience under your belt before becoming an injectable expert.

This field is aesthetic and elective, but carries it’s own risks for complications, unsatisfactory outcomes, and patient psychology. All these layers are important to understand, and the Never Look Injected program will leave you well versed in all elements of this practice.

Beginning Classes

Beginning injection classes are held over two days with one day focusing on neuromodulators and one day as an introduction to fillers. Hands-on experience is provided with live models. This class includes private access to Linda for 6 months after class completion.

Advanced Classes

The advanced class is two and a half days and includes advanced neuromodulator techniques of the lower face, advanced facial assessment techniques, and all the tools you need to avoid the major pitfalls of looking injected. Hands-on is provided with live models. This class also includes business strategies and all the tool you need to start your own business.  This class also includes private access to both Linda and our business strategists for 6 months.

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