Vaginal Rejuvenation


As multiple childbirths and aging negatively affect vaginal tissues, more and more women are seeking safe, nonsurgical solutions to rejuvenate, revitalize, and recondition the tissue of the vagina.

In fact, non-surgical treatments for feminine health increased by 40% last year. The concerns of laxity, urinary stress incontinence, decreasing sensation, dryness, and lack of sexual satisfaction are real. We should be talking about this. Women deserve to have a satisfying, confident sex life, just like men do. The Viagra pill has been available since 1998. Now, there is a non-surgical treatment for women.

We are proud to be the first provider to offer the leading, single treatment feminine health device in the Inland Northwest. We love empowering women!

Viveve’s globally triple-patented, groundbreaking technology couples mono-polar radiofrequency with cryotherapy. The alternating heating and cooling allows for penetration of 5mm depth into the vaginal tissue — deeper than any other non-surgical technology for feminine health. With no downtime.

This penetration of controlled heat allows for a one-time treatment protocol with results lasting longer than 12 months. This technology stimulates the release of fibroblasts, which causes the body’s own collagen stimulating mechanism to turn on. Read more in the Viveve Brochure.

Follow up histology samples show increasing collagen density at 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days following treatment. In addition to a decreasing incidence of urinary stress incontinence and vaginal dryness, the most common side effect to vaginal tightening is increase in sexual satisfaction. Now that is a side effect we can live with!!

And here’s what a few of our client’s think about of the Viveve procedure:

Run Don’t Walk to Viveve

"I had the vaginal rejuvenation treatment one month ago due to dryness and pain during sex, and also urinary leakage. I would say the difference is like night and day, but more accurately it’s more like life and death. My vagina feels alive again. I no longer have pain during sex, and I no longer have to wear pads for leakage. My natural moisture is back! My desire for sex is back also. Before the procedure I was indifferent to sex, but now it’s exciting again. I say run, don’t walk to have this procedure! My vagina feels 20 years younger!"

- C.H.

Life Changing!

"The Viveve treatment has changed my life. It was simple and effective. I’ve never felt so close to my husband. Thank you, Linda!"

- C.M.

For more information about how Viveve can help you feel like you again, call 208-660-2307


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